Automatic thermcol plte Machines

COST OF MACHINE :-6,49,000\- Rupees six lack forty nine thousand Only

We provide a wide range of roller cutting machines that are used for molding PVC films, HIPS sheets, PP sheets, PET films , paper and rubber cutting in thickness up to 0.1mm to 2.6 mm.

We offer an array of precision engineered packaging machines that         comes with the features like robust construction, efficient functioning, reliable

Forming Area     --     24” x 24” inches

Maximum Speed   -- 10 Cycle Per Minute

Roll Size (Width Only)   --26” inches

Dimension for Machine   --

Lx Wx H 72” x 36” x60”

Approx Weight       --           700 Kgs.

Maximum Draw       --         100 mm.

Electrical Power Reqd    -- 7.5 KiloWatt

Vacuum Pump                   --  300 LMV

Heating Element              --  Air Heater

Heat Control                       -- sunvic

Electrical Load    --       12.5 kw

Approx. Weight   --     800 Kg.

Operation           --      Double Drive

Electric          --     three face

Sheet Thickness  -- 0.01mm to3mm

Durable and sturdy construction

Mounted over Castor wheels

Sealing & Shrinking in one operation

Highly energy efficient

User Friendly and compact

Adjustable working platform

Efficient performance

Optimal output levels                                                        


COST OF MOULD PRICE:20.000 TO 45000 We offer vacuum & thermoforming mould that is used to mold a sheet of plastic into packaging materials like sweet box, tray and others.

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