Fully Automatic Single Die Roll Machine

COST OF MACHINE    59,000/-  fifty  nine thousend only 
This is fully Automatic Single die paper plat Making roll Machine which involves no  Labour . We have to put the roll on the Machine and then Machine takes the paper itself and finished product automatically. You can change the mould according to your requirement. We can also use any type of paper (  Laminated or non -  Laminated  ) , It should be in roll form. Different shapes of paper plates + Dona can be manufactured automatically by changing the mould as per client’s requirement.
Automatic machine double Dies roll machine & one 4” inches to 7” inches dies will be change as per requirement.
+ RAWMITRIAL                 30000  PISES
+ TOTAL POWER              2.  kilo  watt .
+ TOTAL WEIGHT              150.  kg approx. 
+ PRODUCTION                 Approx  7,000  to 8,000  per day in 8 TO 10 Hrs.
MODE OF PAYMENT * all payment will made in cash or D. D and cheque Through bank you have to pay 50 % as advance to book the plant . Balance Amount 50% will be paid in the time of delivery of machine.
SPACE * You need 12 ft  X 12 ft room for manufacturing

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fully automatic single die roll machine