Soya Milk Making Machine

Deals In :- all kind of soya milk, soya paneer, flavoured soya milk 
Soya milk and its related food products are getting popular throughout the world due to their nutritional and medicinal qualities.
Soya milk is high in protein & low in fats & carbohydrates and contains no cholesterol.
Soya milk is an excellent food for babies,as protein is very easy to digest.
Soya milk is very use full for elderly and heart patients are most suited to use soya milk as a dairy alternative. Other milk contains a significant amount of saturated fat and cholesterol with increase the risk of plaque formation and heart disease.
Soya milk paneer plant
Cost of plant: - 3,49,000 /- Rs. ( three lakhs forty nine thousand only )
Space :- 15 x 15 sq. feet room
Labour reqd. :- one skilled operator and one helper
Capacity of plant :- 
+ 1 kg soya beans makes 8 litres milk
+ 1 hour soya beans 10 kg
+ 8 hour soya beans 80 kg in one day
+ 1 hour milk 10kg * 8 = 80 litter milk one hour
+ 8 hour milk 80 kg * 8 =640 litter milk one day
+ 5 litter milk 1 kg TOFU (paneer)
+ 640 litter milk 128 kg TOFU (paneer) one day.
Tofu can be made by acidification of soya milk by use of lactic acid. The paneer so obtained is washed and pressed to get Tofu. Tofu can be packed in vaccum packages to extend its life up to one month.
Each cup of plain soya milk contains about 7 grams of sugar and 80 calories. Soya milk also contains fibre which is not present in dairy milk.
The setup can be used to make tofu (soya paneer) & soya milk and is very useful for start up in business. These machines are cost effective which gives smooth operation.
All payment will made in cash or DD & Cheque through bank you have to pay 75% in advance to book the plant and balance 25% should be payed after machine delivery 
Technician will give the complete training for making the above mentioned finished products.
You have to provide him accommodation at your station and his normal fare for train & local conveyance at your station

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soya milk making machine